XPose with XPression

Never get XPired

The base of our constructions is made with modular, reusable elements that enables us to set up and dismantle impressive structures in no-time with half the staff.

That way the construction and dismantling time as well as the volume of waste is reduced to a fraction compared to a traditional construction.

You invest one time in a package of material and profit from it for years to come. Whether you attend one or ten trade shows a year, your investment in the construction material is done! The only section that needs to be replaced from time to time, is the material that defines the visual aspect of the walls. This material can be as light as printed fabric or as heavy as solid wood, that all depends on your goal and your budget.

The modular system also allows you to start with a basic package and add elements as your company and/or booth surface grows.

We guide you in making the most cost efficient investment in the best available quality of temporary construction material that fits your needs.

As mentioned before, our unique approach offers you the opportunity to make profit on your property.

Don’t have the budget to invest in a package of material of your own, or just need a set-up for one occasion? No problem! We have all the material you need, available for rent.

XPect to Relax

We can take care of everything concerning practical, technical and logistical aspects at the fair. Need brochures and flyers? We can create and print them for you. We also handle the logistics of everything that needs to be transported to the site (including your own devices and/or products), construction on site, storage of empties, furniture and decoration, extra staff during opening hours of the trade show, stand-by support for technical issues, dismantling etc…

The only thing you will need to do is make sure your team shows up for coffee at starting time of the trade show. And if you don’t like to make coffee yourself, we can take care of that too.

XPXPress’s co-founder, Marc, is not only the best creative director we know, he also is a very intuitive mind reader. When you express your needs and thoughts to him, he will do anything in his power to make sure our team meets your desires beyond your expectation.

Do you still have a long way to go and need some stress relief?
Let us help you!

Boost your XPression

It is important to express yourself in a way that fits you as a tailor made suit. We will not just come up with an idea taken from thin air. We get as close to you and your business as needed to come up with a concept that fits you and also attracts the kind of potential clients you’d love to have.

A concept can be obvious like appealing visuals on the walls of your exhibition stand, breathtaking through a 3D animation on a LED wall or surprisingly interactive with a multi-layered event that takes place on the surface of your exhibition stand.

Just tell us how far you want to go, we walk the extra mile for you!

Never get XPired

High quality that lasts for ages. Invest in a package of material and reduce your build-up cost to a fraction of a traditional set-up.

XPlore Convenience

We offer sustainable, modular and reusable elements. You get free storage for the first year for every element you order from us.

XPect to Relax

We take away all the mess and stress you have to deal with when preparing for a trade show. You just show up at opening time.